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The Teacher’s Art

A Fire in Her Hands
By John G. Ramsay
(Fall 1998)

Series Friction
By John G. Ramsay
(Winter 1998/99)

Writing within the Magic
By John G. Ramsay
(Summer 1999)

Making Connections
By Julie Landsman
(Fall 1999)

Basketball and Poetry
By John Coy
(Winter 1999/00)

Adventuring with Alice
By Monica Edinger
(Spring 2000)

A River of Words: Writing Poetry with Children
By Susan Marie Swanson
(Fall 2000)

Suitcases Filled with Stories
By Jana Larson
(Spring 2001)

Dreaming of Kansas
By Kirkpatrick Hill
(Fall 2001)

Artificial Intelligence
By Lee Galda
(Winter 2001/02)

Touching the World
By Joyce Sidman
(Spring 2002)

E-Mailing the World
By John Caddy
(Fall 2002)

Not for Children Only
By Sarah B. Davis
(Winter 2002/03)