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Riverbank Review Bookmarks

A detachable bookmark—with ten recommended titles on a theme—was part of each issue.
Spring issues featured Children’s Books of Distinction Award winners.
Click on an image below, which will open as a PDF to print and share or save for reference.

Ten Great Adventure Stories (Summer 1998)
Ten Great Scary Stories (Fall 1998)
Ten Great Poetry Collections (Winter 1998/99)
Ten Great Baby Books(Summer 1999)
Ten Great School Stories (Fall 1999)
Ten Great Snow Stories (Winter 1999/00)
Ten Great Baseball Stories (Summer 2000)
Ten Great Easy Readers (Fall 2000)

Ten Great Songbooks (Winter 2000/01)
Ten Great Books about Rivers (Summer 2001)
Ten Great Books about Trees (Fall 2001)
Ten Great Bedtime Books (Winter 2001/02)
Ten Great Wordless Stories (Summer 2002)
Ten Great Alphabet Books (Fall 2002)
Ten Great Books about Food (Winter 2002/03)
Ten Great Books about Bugs (Summer 2003)